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About Daniel James Johnson 


Born March 12, 1968 on the south side of Chicago. Some say being born left handed contributes to my natural talent to create. When asked who inspires me, several artists come to mind, Ernie Barnes and his depiction of African American culture in vibrant color and earth tones to Salvador Dali and the way he plays on the conscious and subconscious. Most of my inspiration and structure come from my upbringing; having a parent and 2 older siblings who are also extremely gifted helped to pave the way for me to become the artist that I am.� My body of work is a mix of life like surreal illustrations of jazz scenes, cityscapes and African American history. I choose subject matter that provokes thought and emotions. As a self-taught artist I paint to share with the world what I see and imagine and strive to capture the essence and quality of the old masters. 

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